Soul Eater

There is a school called the Shinigami Weapon Specialist Vocational School, so-called Shibusen. The students, Specialists and Weapons, are after a common goal. The Specialists must feed their Weapons with 99 evil souls possessing demonic eggs, as well as the soul of a witch, to become the ultimate weapon, Shinigami-sama’s weapon” Death Scythe”.

Shibusen student, sickle specialist, Maka Albarn and her demon weapon, Soul Eater, gather souls in pursuit of wanting to be the strongest Death Scythe.

Also pursuing the same goal are, Dark Blade specialist, Black Star, and his demon blade, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and specialist, Death the Kid, son of Shinigami-sama, and his weapons, the Thompson sisters, the Double Team Demon Guns.

This series revolves around these 3 groups of a weapon specialist and a human weapon. At times they clash, but yet at times, they help each other. The story of kids maturing as they go along is about to unfold.