Fullmetal Alchemist

『There is no free lunch in the world, you need to pay equal to what you have acquired. That is the law of equality in Alchemist philosophy.』-First sentence, First Episode.

Only at the age of 15, Edward is qualified as a national alchemist, who with his younger brother Alfonse had violated the biggest taboo in the world of alchemy, bringing back to life the dead. However, the alchemy ended in a failure and during the process of the alchemy, Edward lost his left foot and Alfonse his entire body. Edward sacrificed his right arm to bring back Alfonse, but was only able to stabilize Alfonse’s spirit to an armor suit through the process of alchemy. Alfonse and Edward go out on a journey to find the one thing that can bring back everything that they lost, the “Sorcerer’s Stone”.